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Want a Long-Lasting Relationship? Here’s How Happy Couples Do It


Everyone’s looking for their other half. We’re incomplete when single and complete only when in a relationship. If, however, we’re still feeling unsatisfied after a few months or years, we blame it on the partner, even if they’re not to blame.

However, partners are the only person that can complete us. There’s no one else that can add such a sweet dimension to our life but our partner, and we often make life hard for them when they don’t really deserve it.

The relationship with our partner is actually a reflection of the relationship we have with ourselves. In order to make one whole, both partners need to be whole themselves. It’s not two halves that make a whole – a complete relationship is made of two wholes.

With that being said, there are many things you can do to improve your relationship and become one with your partner.

Here are a few:

  • Happy couples have their own hobbies and interests. They also help each other to reach their goals;
  • Happy couples know forgiveness, praise, and reassurance, and understand each other perfectly;
  • They are spiritually engaged with another, be it in prayer or meditation;
  • Happy partners create their own personal world in which private jokes and rituals often take place;
  • Partners that are happy are often seen holding hands and kissing – they understand the power of touch;
  • These couples never have secrets – whatever they have on their mind, they’ll come clean about it;
  • When they’re together and one of them is speaking, they give them their full attention and never check the phone or TV;
  • Happy couples will fight for their love with fairness;
  • They ask each other personal questions and are great listeners as well;
  • They work as a couple instead of relying on their individual skills;
  • They always find time for each other – even when their schedule is busy;
  • They communicate about their problems openly and with no hidden agenda;
  • They don’t demand perfection from each other – they accept their disadvantages;
  • Happy couples don’t wait for big moments to show affection – they show little or big acts of love every day;
  • They laugh at their jokes every day – that’s what keeps them smiling.

Happy relationships should be the standard every couple shoots for. A happy relationship goes deeper than just being together with someone – it can transcend everything and is a truly unique experience like no other.