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We’re Disconnecting Our Children from Nature and It’s Leading to the Destruction of Our Planet


We’re all so dependent on the pleasantries modern society offers that we’ve completely forgotten everything about nature. It’s true – take a trip to the countryside or a third-world country where there’s no public transport, cars or supermarkets where you can get anything at any time, and you’ll see what we’re talking about. We’re passing this from generation to generation, making our children completely disconnected from nature without knowing it.

From time to time, however, we all need an adventure in nature in order to shake up the boringness in our life. Take your children with you and go enjoy an adventure in nature, and you’ll be shocked what they can learn.

As One Expert Found Out

His child became a self-proclaimed vegetarian after they spent some time exploring Africa, just because it realized that the pink or red thing we eat every day comes from animals. This isn’t a debate on whether or not we should eat meat – it’s merely an observation how interaction with nature opens up the mind of a child. Or an adult for that matter.

According to a survey in The Guardian, most people like to protect the Earth, but not even half of them are ready to take action. This signals a new environmental crisis – by not teaching our children about protecting nature, we’re creating new generations who’d want nothing to do with it. Nature is less and less important for each new generation of children, which could spell a lot of trouble in the future, since, you know, we depend on nature.

The collapse of our children’s interest in nature has been well documented in Richard Louv’s book Last Child in the Woods. The author states that since the 1970s, areas, where children can roam free without their parents, have significantly decreased and child outdoor hobbies are taking a huge hit as well. Most of the children nowadays are waking up to a screen, and the only way they ‘interact’ with nature is by setting a wallpaper of a tree on their smartphone.

There Are Other Reasons For The Decline

The Guardian reports that most parents have a fear of traffic and strangers which is completely justified. The quality of indoor entertainment has definitely surpassed what nature can offer and keeps children safe. It’s not faultless, though – the great indoors can be a pretty dangerous place.

Now, the real question is should we make sure our children have a special connection with nature or not? There are many pros – your child can learn more about animals and nature itself. What they experience in nature will definitely translate into their lives later and can help them grow, while also helping them learn more about themselves.

Edith Cobb

The author of the esteemed essay The Ecology of Imagination in Childhood, discovered that most geniuses share one trait – intense experience of the natural world in their childhood. Natural areas can stimulate a child’s imagination, observation, and reasoning – there have been many studies which have shown that playing games outside far outweigh playing games at concrete playgrounds.

Children these days depend more on their language skills and mind rather than physicality, which leads to underwhelming physical performance. This means that forcing children to study as hard as they can is counter-productive for their figure. This, paired with simply not minding to protect the planet is a serious problem that could lead to the destruction of nature as we know it. If this happens, destruction of society will follow soon.

Some organizations such as Forest Schools are aware of this problem and regularly organize expeditions to nature where children can reconnect with it and be more aware of the problems that need fixing. With actions such as these, Forest Schools is hoping to inspire a trend of reconnecting children with nature which will hopefully lead to better environmental protection and a longer life for Mother Earth.

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