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What Is Anxiety and How Can We Defeat It


Whenever we’re facing a tough situation, it’s common for anxiety to kick in. The fear of the unknown feeds anxiety for a short time, but if you let it consume your thoughts and you’re anxious on a constant basis, it can and will become a big problem.

Anxiety is a disorder which comes in many forms. The group of anxiety disorders is the biggest group of mental disorders nowadays, with many of them causing various forms of damage.

The most common symptoms of anxiety are panic attacks, constant fear, and anxiety of perceived threats. Although it’s really hard to pinpoint the exact individual neurobiological triggers behind anxiety disorders, we’re going to try to at least generalize some factors for most of these diseases.

The most common risk factors for anxiety disorders are genetics and certain specific risk factors which depend on the type of anxiety disorder. Here’s a list of the most common anxiety disorders:

Generalized Anxiety Disorder

This type of anxiety disorder manifests through a constant and enduring fear and worrying about things such as finances, health or life in general.

Social Phobias

Social phobias have become increasingly more common nowadays. They make people anxious about social situations as they’re afraid of being rejected.


Agoraphobia is a complex anxiety disorder which is triggered out of fear of having a panic attack in certain situations.

Panic Attacks

Panic attacks are a form of anxiety disorder characterized by shortness of breath, dizziness, and irrational fear in some situations.

No matter the type and degree of the anxiety disorder you’re suffering from, they are pretty debilitating. It’s a constant burden on the mind which can easily wear you down, both physically and mentally. Make no mistake – anxiety disorders are nothing to laugh at. They are just as serious as any deadly disorder and require professional help.

How Does It Feel?

If you’ve never felt anxious, good for you. If we can describe it, the closest thing to it would be a knot you can’t undo or a fear that completely paralyzes your mind. Anxiety gives birth to overthinking, creating another difficult problem which adds more fuel to the fire. Over time, anxiety sufferers have the tendency of blowing things out of proportions and feeling abandoned, which can eventually lead to depression and may even have fatal consequences. That’s how serious it is!

Worrying over problems that don’t exist will definitely wear you down. It will affect your performance at work and the constant voice at the back of your head telling you everything’s wrong may drive you mad. Anxiety will ruin your relationships and make you afraid of meeting people in person. It’s a ‘demon’ that will gnaw away on your mind and soul until you’re nothing but a lifeless husk.

How Can We Beat It?

The good news is that if you catch the early signs, you can defeat anxiety yourself. All you need to do is remember to fight and not give in. DON’T let it win – you can overcome everything if you set your mind on it. Life can get hard but remember – there’s always light at the end of the tunnel.