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What You Need to Know About the Nice Girl Who’s Unbelievably Tough


Nice girls are not as rare as a unicorn but finding a nice girl with a thick skin which protects her definitely is. These girls are kind and sweet and live their life to the fullest. They don’t care what others think of them and won’t let anyone step over them, which makes them fairly unique. They weren’t born with that thick skin, however – they most likely experienced something bad and grew it as a result.

Nice and tough girls make you feel safe in their presence and inspire admiration and respect. They’re honest and trustworthy so you can safely tell them your darkest fears – you can be sure they won’t spill the beans. However, the kind nature of these girls doesn’t mean they’re better than the rest of us. They treat anyone equally regardless of factors such as social status. If you try to take advantage of her good intentions, you can be sure that she’ll call you out so others can see you for who you are.

Nice and tough girls are proud of their personality. They don’t connect easily with people who don’t respect their kind nature. Don’t expect them to agree to anything you ask them – just because these girls are sweet doesn’t mean they’re naïve. They will always speak their mind if they need to and will give you a loud No.

Sweet and tough girls will always apologize if they need to. They may be nice, but that doesn’t make them perfect. They take responsibility for their own actions and can make a mistake like the rest of us. When they do, however, they will say they’re sorry and really mean it as their kind nature never allows them to hurt anyone on purpose. When they apologize, it’s coming straight from the heart.

Another trait this rare “breed” of girls possess is their ability to let their emotions roll. Remember, they grew the thick skin after being hurt so many times, so now they prefer to speak their mind openly so there’s no confusion about her feelings. They know what they really want and hate playing mind games – they’re nothing more than a waste of time for these girls.

They’re loyal, honest, sweet, kind, and always speak the truth – they’re a type of person anyone would be lucky to have in their life. You can be sure that these girls will take a bullet for you if need be, but only if you win their trust and don’t hurt them.

So, if you’ve already met one of these girls or you meet one in the future, never let them go. They’re as rare as a unicorn and you’ll be grateful to meet them. This kind of girl can be your best friend, lover, and partner which is a rather unique combination to have in your life.

Finally, don’t make the mistake of hurting them – they may have thick skin, but they suffer even more than the rest of us. Once they leave out the door, you will never see them again, and you probably won’t meet another one like her for the rest of your life.