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When He Decides You’re Not Worth It, There’s No Other Option but To Move On


Breakups and heartbreaks are about the worst things you can experience in life. They are painful, hard to go through, and can make you feel like the world is crashing down on your head. Your life may forever be ruined and getting the puzzle rearranged isn’t so easy.

Ending a relationship you thought will develop into something more can be incredibly hard on a woman. There’s nothing more painful than learning your partner’s feelings for you have changed – in many ways, it’s even worse than cheating. Realizing you’re not the one although you were sure you were is gut-wrenching and can shatter your life forever.

However, it shouldn’t be like that. When someone decides you’re not worth it and you’re not the one, you have no other option but to leave out the door with your head high and never look back. Just have respect for yourself and focus on your life. Make your feelings clear and don’t ever look back. Don’t let the sorrow consume you – it may hurt like hell, but have some dignity, will you?

Don’t Blame Yourself

You’re not the reason for this devastating event. Just try to understand your partner’s decision and walk out the door. When he says he’s not in love for you anymore, why should you stick around? Why should you walk through the flames of Hell? There’s no point in it – just walk out the door and explore a whole world of possibilities. You certainly deserve it.

Even though your heart may be broken into a thousand pieces, this may be a great closure for you. Overcome the urge to go back – nothing good will come out of it. Save your dignity and protect yourself from embarrassment – after all, going back won’t make him fall in love with you again. He’s made it clear he doesn’t love you anymore and it’s probably true – you can’t see it through the tears and heartbreak, but that doesn’t change the facts.

Just let go of everything that has any relation to them and focus on improving yourself. Don’t waste time on idiots who aren’t worth it – you are beautiful and someone will love you just the way you are. Remember – when life closes one door, thousands of others are opened. Cry, grieve, and scream your lungs out – once you’re done, wipe away your tears and move on. You’re stronger than you though and hey, something good may come out of it in the end.