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When You Ignore Her, You Only Teach Her How To Live Without You


Thousands of people still believe in the hard to get myth. You know, the one that says that the more distant a person is, the more obsessed we are with them. Nowadays, men act like they don’t care about the girl they want just in order for her to start chasing them. Some go a step further, treating a girl badly in order to receive love and affection. However, although this technique might work with inexperienced girls, they’ll never work on real women.

Real women are not like girls – they know what they want and they won’t allow men to treat them badly. They’ve been through a lot in their lives and they don’t have time to play games. If you love her, she’ll love you back. If you don’t, you can’t expect her to be interested in you. Whenever experienced women notice you’re not honest or serious, they’ll walk away and never turn back.

Why? Because they know that ignoring someone you love is simply not possible. Withholding love is counterproductive when you really love someone. Real women want to be cherished and loved and want to have someone they can count on in their lives. If you’re not the support she needs, you can bet she won’t stick around for long.

Some men refuse to show their true feelings to their partner just because it keeps their mysterious mask on. It’s another wrong move – the basis of any relationships is honesty. Real women value it more than anything else, so in order to win them over, you should never hide your feelings.

If you want to have a real woman by your side, focus on her when you’re together and love her with all your heart. Treat her right, and you can expect the same in return – only then you will learn what true love really means.