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You Broke Me, But Now I Am Finally A Complete Person! Thank You!


The Japanese use an extremely good practice to fix the pottery they broke. The name is “Kintsugi” and they fill in the spaces where the broken parts are using gold. That makes the piece of pottery more beautiful than ever and it is also much stronger. Have you thought of it that when you actually feel broken because of heartache you actually become more beautiful and much stronger than before?

This is the story that I use to give advice to everyone with such a problem since it helped me heal, personally.

I was left with a heartache after a terrible break-up of my last relationship that lasted for several years. I literally couldn’t pick myself up, but this Japanese practice helped me heal and discover my own worth. That helped me continue with my life and become the strongest person I know.

I felt love towards him from the day we started going out and that love never really disappeared.

He was aware of it, but somehow decided to reject my love and never paid real attention to what was really important. Everyone that knows me understands how I had felt. I had an empty soul that felt like having a huge gap inside. He broke me into pieces.

Still, I never hated him since I don’t even understand that word. I only know how to love. I appreciate him as a person and now I can finally say “Thank you,” because this has been a really valuable lesson for me.

He was a person who had tremendous pain inside him and I understand that everything he did was because he was actually the one who had a problem with love and not me. During that time, I only decided to love him. There were times when he used words that hurt my soul deeply.

I felt so broken that I sometimes even felt like I wasn’t worth at all, but this was actually the turning point for me. No matter how hard I cried, I still decided to stop and try to do everything I could for myself.

I decided to show him the greatest love a person can offer to another person, but in the meantime, I stopped loving myself. He was a broken person that made me a broken person, too. He didn’t do anything to comfort me. When you’re alone and rejected you actually understand that you are the only person who can help yourself.

Thanks to him, I had golds in my soul. I tried to help him, but I couldn’t. I am sufficient to myself and I need to love myself as much as I can so that the darkness can disappear.

At times, I even thought that we are the ones connected by destiny, but being a part of a toxic relationship can kill you and not make you live eternally and in bliss.

He never understood how much I loved him. Everything he did was to destroy my worth and leave me destroyed.

I needed his love, but he didn’t do anything to offer it to me. All I did was thinking that I had done something wrong. I didn’t eat much and I only slept for 2 or 3 hours a night. I understood that he was actually a scared person. He was scared of the love I had to offer to him. He was afraid of me. But, I wasn’t afraid of him anymore.

I decided to do something good for me in turn. Now, that distant love is only in my past. I am a strong and independent woman who used her scars and previous vastness filled with gold to teach her a lesson.

That has helped me regain my soul and instead of a vast area, I now have the peaceful and most beautiful garden filled with lovely and colorful flowers. I grew as a person because I understood that loving yourself is much more important than loving someone who doesn’t know how to appreciate that and appreciate you.

My love for him will always remain. My best wishes are sent his way. Now I can say that all I have for him is thankfulness and appreciation for the lesson he had given me.