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You Deserve So Much More Than ‘Almost’ In A Relationship


Nowadays, many people settle for ‘almost’ relationships, running in circles for far too long. They think they love their partner and they’re right, but the question is if their partner loves them back. This is the true nature of ‘almost’ relationships which can make a mess of your both emotionally and physically.

Although the word almost can apply to many things in life, it should never be applied to a relationship. Why the hell would you settle for anything less than amazing?! Being in this kind of relationship can be dangerous in many ways – it will make you anxious and stressed and ultimately a shell of your former self, so don’t do this to yourselves.

If you’re not sure what almost relationships really are, it’s a relationship where one of the partners is unsure and tells the other that they’re “almost, but not quite enough” what they need. These words remind you of your partner? Then you need to break up with them as soon as possible!

Mind games can be plenty of fun when they’re used for fun but should never take place in a relationship. If someone really wants to be with you, they will be. There won’t be any excuses and they will never say the relationship won’t work. You know how they say – “Where there’s a will, there’s a way” – this is especially true for a relationship. Settle for anything less than amazing, however, and you will enter a world of hell.

Entering an ‘almost’ relationship speaks volumes of your character, not your partner’s. Of course, you’re not an awful person if you’ve fallen in love with someone that doesn’t care for you as much as you do for them. We all make mistakes but recognizing them on time will prevent serious problems later in your life.

Remember – you deserve nothing but the best. You deserve someone who will love you no matter what and who’ll be proud of you. You deserve a real partner and a real relationship and much more than almost. Almost is a simpler way of admitting you’re not good enough, and you don’t want that, don’t you?