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You Have Only Yourself to Blame for Losing the Girl Who Wanted Nothing More Than Being Loved Back


Imagine that you’ve finally found the girl of your dreams. She’s everything you wanted – funny, charming, supportive, and a shoulder to cry on. But, you took it all for granted and as a result, she left, never to come back again. After a while, you realize that the problem was that the relationship was one-sided. She gave it her all and tried and tried, but you never gave anything in return. In the end, you’re all alone and you have only yourself to blame.

These situations are unfortunately more common and common. A guy meets the girl of his dreams and she tells him she’s her world every chance she gets. She hugs him when they’re together, texts him when they’re apart and constantly shows her affection for him in the public. Unfortunately, he sees her as clingy and obsessive, which ends up with him staying alone.

She Loved You with All Her Heart, and You Threw It All Away

That girl’s only goal was to show you how much she loves you. She expected the same, but after a while, she realized it won’t happen. Yes, you said you loved her every now and then, but it wasn’t enough. She never knew if you really cared, and she cried herself to sleep most nights when you were out without even calling her. Over time, her feelings faded and her love burned out.

You Played with Her Heart

Although you weren’t that bad of a partner, you played with her heart, and that was your downfall. Women who are not afraid to openly show their affection need more out of their partners. They need to be loved back with the same intensity and you just didn’t realize it. You confused her by blaming it all on her and she knew she had nothing else to do but leave.

You Only Wanted Her for Selfish Reasons

It’s fair to say that you only wanted her when you needed her. Everything was an inconvenience for you, including the hugs she wanted and talk she needed. Whenever she boosted your ego, you wanted her by your side. But, you never showed her how beautiful she is and made it all about you.

She Tried Her Hardest to Fix Things

Even when things went wrong, she tried to fix it so hard because she believed in your relationship. She told you she was unhappy, and you chose to ignore it. You told her you want no drama and you broke her heart and all the chances of your relationship getting back on track. With a simple sentence, you destroyed her.

Her heart was broken to million pieces and her confidence and trust were shattered. You turned off the light in her eyes and lost her for good. You deserve it – after all, she tried everything she could to fix things. But, you realized how much you messed up, right?

But, in the end, you freed her. She’s now free to find the person who will care about her. Someone who’s not like you and someone who will really care. She’s going to be happy without you, and you’ll mourn the day you broke things off.