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You Shouldn’t Care About How Others See You – Their Opinions Are Not Real!


Have you heard of Kyle Cease? Cease is a well-known American author and inspirational speaker that has worked with a number of high-profile media companies including The New York Times.

Cease offers meditation retreat packages which have the goal of improving your mental and physical wellbeing. At the same time, he’s releasing a number of popular YouTube videos in which he tries to decipher an interesting question – what if all our problems aren’t real?

Cease’s latest video almost broke the internet. It touches on a sensitive subject – other people’s opinions about us. The author says that this and other problems we face every day are not real and considers them all nothing more than a game.

This differs from society’s popular opinion that we either create problems on our own or we’re a magnet for them. However, Cease has helped thousands of people solve their problems in a second which is why you should take a look at the inspirational video. Once you get the message, you can expect success in every sphere of your life.