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You Won’t See A Narcissist Do Any of These Things


You know what narcissists are, right? Besides having no sense of morality, these people love only themselves and live by different set of rules than others. They do things differently just because they think they’re unique and they avoid doing some things that you can expect from an honest person.

Here are things you’ll never see a narcissist do:

Take Responsibility for Their Actions

Narcissists avoid taking responsibility because they’re sensitive to blame and shame. They are afraid of criticism and will do anything to avoid it. In fact, they are so afraid of taking responsibility that they stage their whole life in order to avoid situations that may expose them – that’s how deep their fear of responsibility goes.


You will never ever see a narcissist apologize just because it means they’re acknowledging their faults. Healthy individuals know that they should apologize when they’ve done something wrong, but narcissists will never do it. They have a sense of superiority over others and feel like everyone else is to blame but them. They can, however, express fauxpologies sometimes which deflect the blame from them and ‘stick’ it to others.


Besides being unable to apologize for doing something wrong, you’ll never see a narcissist forgive as well. It’s because of the same reason – everyone around these people is a target for them which has to be defeated so they can live their life the way they want to.

When they’re hurt, they use the pain as a base for retaliation. If you apologize to a narcissist, they see it as proof of their superiority and will think of nasty ways to further punish you now that they have you in their pocket. Forgiveness doesn’t exist in the narcissist’s world, which shows how deeply these people are flawed.


Narcissists are selfish and will never do anything good for others – it’s doesn’t fit with their nature. These people lack empathy so acting selflessly is not something they can do. They only care for their survival and will never help others if it’s the last thing in the world.

Expressing Feelings

Expressing feelings? Narcissists have none! They dream of being the center of attention and think that everything revolves around them. Narcissists love displaying their superiority and will do anything in their power to be in the limelight. They hide their feelings deep down in them and never let them swim up to the surface. They don’t understand the need for showing emotions and don’t have the courage to do it. Narcissists are fueled by raw survival instinct and nothing more which makes them as cold as it gets.

Emotional Nuance

Narcissists only think black and white – there are no shades of grey in their life. They are clever, manipulative and lack emotional nuance. They don’t really value others and always project their emotional agenda on others. They see life as a series of games to be won and are trapped in a self-protective reality.