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ZAZ’s 2010 Hit Song Launched Her Career and Won the Heart of Millions!


In 2010, French artist ZAZ nearly broke the internet with her highly successful hit song “Je Veux”. She originally performed the song as a street artist before she decided to record it. No one could have imagined how big a hit it would become, not even ZAZ herself. Her live video went viral almost install and climbed the top of music lists around the world.

It’s no wonder why “Je Veux” was so successful – street music is amazing when performed straight from the heart. ZAZ certainly doesn’t lack passion and heart and it shows in her music.

Born in 1980, Isabelle Geffroy is a street performer who goes by ZAZ in the music industry. Her music is some kind of fusion between street music, jazz, blues, and soul. Of course, it all comes with a touch of French culture. ZAZ’s most successful single came from her debut album released back in 2010. She’s gone on to become quite a recognizable name on the music scene, although none of her later singles reached the highs of “Je Veux”.

ZAZ isn’t just a street performer – she actually has an academic degree in music. She says that Ella Fitzgerald, Richard Bona, and Bobby McFerrin are her main inspiration among other musicians.

Geffroy has been active on the scene for more than 20 years. After years with no hit, she recently released a great new song accompanied by a video that stays true to her roots. The video was filmed live, so you can hear her beautiful voice really clear. Just like “Ja Veux”, the video has already gone viral and we think it won’t be long before it tops the lists of music stations all around the world.

Enjoy ZAZ’s amazing song below: